BG Layout

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BG Layout

The Aim of Creating BG Layouts

BG Layouts are usually drawn from storyboards that define the action and perspective in the scene. BG Layout artists take storyboards to the next level by defining minute details. Layout drawings are then passed on to background painters to color and complete the visual artistry.

The Process of BG Layout

  • Brainstorming 01
  • Acquiring Reference Images 02
  • Thumbnail Sketches 03
  • Establishing Perspective 04
  • Finished Outline 05
  • Lighting & Shadows 06

How Blue Waves Can Help You

Blue Waves Studio takes pride in our ability to deliver outstanding visual artistry. Our services can help you reach your business goals, whether improving customer interactions or converting clicks into clients. We breathe life into your imagination through stunning visual solutions that satisfy your business needs. Our earnest designer's unparalleled commitment and immaculate care can help you leapfrog your competitors.

Our Design Process Design

Storyboard Creation

We develop a meticulously detailed storyboard based on the inputs and get authorization from the client-side.

Layout Design

In line with the storyboard, our designers create alluring layouts for each frame.

Character Design

Our team designs acutely realistic characters that resonate with your audience.

Animating Characters

Our prolific animators then work on the animation process, adding sparkle to the character design.

Bringing in Everything Together

Using holistic methods to bring the characters, elements, and movements together in action, making everything lively.

Publish the Project

Finally, we will deliver the scrupulously crafted final project, just how you envisioned, on time.